About Us

Hi welcome to Podsaway!,

We are a young, dynamic company that helps make travel with children and tweens easier!

The idea came from Jo Kerley a mum from Suffolk who had travelled extensively with her own children over the past few years.

After a number of classic holiday trauma’s, she set about working with local parents and kids to develop a new and unique suitcase for kids.

Since a successful appearance on Dragons Den with her Playaway character based cases, the business has developed ensuring that the suit-cases are now more relevant for todays kids, as well as being practical, fun and engaging.

With the ongoing support of a number of mums, dads and loads of kids from across the UK, Podsaway has arrived with the introduction of the Pod-Case.

And anyone buying our products can be assured they have been designed by children and parents, so we know they work.

Spread the word and let’s all make travelling a little more fun, after all it’s the experiences that makes us all a little bit richer in life, not stuff!

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